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Diane's Dry Dook Soup Mix

This wonderful dry dook soup mix is enjoyed not only by healthy  ferrets as a  supplement to their everyday  kibble, but is also a real  life saver  for those  ferrets  whose  health  is  compromised due to recent surrender  or rescue, illness, age, & aides in nutrition, balancing both  weight  &  blood sugar issues,  

essential for post-surgical recovery.

To start you may choose the Basic Blend.  If your ferret is has been diagnosed with an illness, you may consider:

Adrenal Blend, Insulnoma Blend, IBD/GI Recovery Blend, Lymphoma (cancer) Blend.  If your ferret has more than one of these illnesses you may try the Super Soup Blend.

Additionally we have added: Sickie Soup, Chicken Allergy Blend, Hospice Care Blend.

All blends are sold by the pound from $15 - $25 and we use US Priority mail for shipping at a flat rate of $7.00 for up to 4 pounds in a package. 

If you need it ASAP we can do US Express Mail for $23 shipping. Please let us know if that is what you need.

The proceeds of the sale of Diane's Dry Dook Soup help with all the things that our hospice ferrets need such as daily medicine, food, and most of all veterinary care. 



Laurie L. 5/31/16 - I just place my order for 4lbs of Insulnoma soup. It's really helping with Caesar and my other two love it as well :)

M Hall  4/18/16

I wasn't sure if my ferrets would like the soup mix, but they LOVE i...t! I have one guy who doesn't like pumpkin, so I thought he might not like it, but even he loves it! Very happy!

‎E.Conley 3/14/15  "We love Diane's Dry Dook Soup! We pout and beg if we don't get any!" - Stout, Summer, and Arya. Thanks, Diane Wall! My ferrets will run over anything to get some of your soup. I will be ordering again from you in the very near future, or else my little business will never forgive me 😛

G. Gamroth This morning at 6 am!! Time to get up. Capone,Yokie,Elliott and Simon. They are ready for thier Dook Soup. They get out of cage eat soup. Then off they go to terrorize the house and at 7 pm soup again then more play time then 9 pm its bed time.

S Perry 1/16/16:  My boys LOVED the soup and my preadrenal girl loved it!  Thank you for helping her.

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