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Ferrets who have found their way to the shelter are the unwanted,  too much care, no time, abandoned and abused. 

They are not only the small furry victims of these financial times, but many have been abandoned, abused and needing love during their last days needing hospice care. 

They are the young bitey one, the sick the old and hospice ferrets who need us the most.  They are the Fortunate Ferrets at the South Shore Ferret Care Shelter Rescue and Hospice.


Each one has his or her own story to tell and some are happier or sadder than others. They are ferrets are have made it safely at the shelter or at one of our local foster homes, and many will stay till their time for the bridge comes.

While our love and care is endless, the veterinary care they desperately need is costly and our biggest challenge to meet.

We do our very best for them but we can only do so much since we always have had so many to care for.

Maybe you’d consider sending a donation in honor of your ferrets

or in memory of a ferret who has touched your heart in the past.


Fortunate Ferrets is the Non-Profit 5013c Charity part of South Shore Ferret Care.  Donations are Tax Deductible.  You may use the PayPal Donate button on this page or mail to:  PO Box 238, Holbrook, MA 02343


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