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Diane’s Dry Dook Soup (DIM) Blend of Soup Mix is to help with nourishment specific needs of ferrets with DIM (Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis) Disease.  Qty: 100 grams shipped via USPS Priority Mail in the USA only (note USPS and UPS have increased their prices as of Jan 2024)

This DIM blend is an alternative to the often hard to obtain Carnivore Care™, EmerAid™ and other comparable products. 

It is exceptionally smooth and can assist with the supportive care of syringe or hand feedings needed as “the esophagus is a primary target in ferrets with DIM and can be painful to eat, (especially crunchy food).” It provides the high protein and calorie content that ferrets with DIM need.  It does not interfere with medications prescribed by your veterinarian or the current DIM Treatment Protocol.

As always, a veterinary exam and diagnosis is a must. This blend does not contain any medication nor is it a replacement for seeking immediate veterinary care. For clinical information about DIM Disease in ferrets here is a valuable resource:

Ingredients: contain a combination of items already reviewed and by the FDA including organic whole eggs, desiccated liver, organic pumpkin, probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega-3fatty acids and animal proteins. There are no peas, no grains, no kibble and no refrigerator needed, shelf life 1 year.

Suggested Instructions: mix 2- parts mix with 1-part warm water to make a paste, (thicker is better to maximize the amount of calories DIM ferrets need. You can thin it out a bit for syringe feeding). Feed several times day and night in coordination with your ferret’s treatment plan in coordination with your veterinarian.

*each purchase helps the South Shore Ferret Care Shelter & Rescue (also known as Fortunate Ferrets Shelter a 5013c non-profit organization) Theo our ferret with DIM disease and other ferrets around the country with DIM Disease.
PAYMENT: or credit/debit card via Square

DIM Disease -Soup Mix

  • Diane’s Dry Dook Soup (DIM) Blend of Soup Mix is to help with nourishment specific needs of ferrets with DIM (Disseminated  Idiopathic Myositis) Disease.


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