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The Insulnoma Blend is especially helpful for ferrets with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and to help maintain weight. This wonderful dry dook soup mix is a real life saver for those ferrets whose health is compromised due to recent surrender or rescue, age or illness, & helps with balancing weight, hydration & blood sugar issues.  It is essential for post surgical recovery and recuperation. Each order is for 1 pound and can make up to 30 servings.

Dook Soup is also enjoyed by active ferrets as a great supplement to their every day kibble to help maintain good health. *each purchase helps the South Shore Ferret Care Shelter & Rescue (also known as Fortunate Ferrets Shelter a 5013c non-profit organization)

(note USPS and UPS have increased their prices as of Jan 2024)

Insulnoma Blend - Diane's Dry Dook Soup Mix

  • The Insulnoma Blend is especially helpful for ferrets with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and to help maintain weight.

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