Residents / Hospice

Here is a partial list of rescues and residents (more arriving each day):



Little Miss:      Petite gal, friend of Crackerjack, and was going to be put to sleep.


Yoshi:             Abused girl who was a bad biter and now a kissy independent girl.  

Daise:              Lovely cinnamon alpha girl, (kisses for people, teethy with other ferrets) 


Milo:               Surrendered when his family could not find pet friendly housing, very sad boy


Josephina:      Young ferret with DIM disease, underwent chemotherapy and is in remission.




Forget Me Nots:




 Dawnie:      Our Shelter Mascot with one eye originally from an abuse case

Ashooka:    Surrendered after the landlord changed his mind after 5 years