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This is a Super Special Olde Time Laundry Soap works wonders on Ferret Sleep Sacks, Hammocks, Blankets, Beds, Soft Pet Toys as well as other animal bedding (delightful doggies and fabulous felines), litter boxes, pet stains and clean up of stubborn pet areas.  Instructions include how to remove old Ferretone Stains on colored clothes. Add some of the dry laundry soap mix to hot water put in your mop bucket or sprayer; it has supreme power cleaning qualities, and even gets “those corners” cleaned up in a jiffy!


Great with all washing machines including the new High Efficiency, low sudsing!

With repeated use, the need for fabric softeners goes away!

With repeated use, the need for dryer sheets needed goes away!


A real little bit goes a really long way averaging less than 40 cents per load.  How to use: 2 Tablespoons for average size load of laundry, 3 Tablespoons for heavy duty load of laundry.


The wonderful way to wash all of your ferret bedding.

*each purchase not only helps the ferrets of the South Shore Ferret Care Shelter & Rescue (also known as Fortunate Ferrets Shelter a 5013c non-profit organization

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