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Sigh, as we are about to take in our 11th ferret via an Animal Control Officer in recent months, we find our little ferret shelter resources stretched quite thin. We hate to ask for help, we are usually the first ones to offer, now we are on the other end.

If you would like to help us with resources or a donation, here is our

Click to DONATE button above or Amazon Wish List Our PayPal:, Venmo: @Diane-Wall-16 

The shelter's care credit balance is already over ten thousand dollars with three ferrets who need to be seen this coming week. It's the basic things like puppy pads, litter, and various kinds of ferret food that we are low on, (as the ferrets found outside, surrendered or abandoned don't usually come with any food or information of what they are eating.) And step #1 is getting them to eat.


Thank you for helping us to help them.

Diane's Dry Dook Soup

The proceeds of the sale of Diane's Dry Dook Soup help with all the things that our hospice ferrets need such as daily medicine, food, and most of all veterinary care.  

Please click BUY DOOK SOUP MIX  at the left of the page.

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