Please be a Special Santa or Hospice Angel

Here is a partial list of rescues and residents (more arriving each day):

Dawnie:   Our Shelter Mascot with one eye originally from an abuse case

Ruby:      Abandoned outside in a cage, after her owner died and her ferret buddy died.

Crackerjack:  Older &  blind, was considered “unadoptable” & was going to be put to sleep

Little Miss:      Petite gal, friend of Crackerjack, and was going to be put to sleep.

Yoshi:             Abused girl who was a bad biter and now a kissy independent girl.

Maime:      Our oldest ferret, at the shelter with multiple medical issues in our hospice care

Jenga:             One of our older boys, with medical issues, originally left in a hot shed

Coco:              An energetic deaf girl with a tumor in her ear, in our hospice crew.

Butta: A loving boy who needed extensive dental work, his family lost their home 

Tommie: Older boy adopted from our shelter years ago, returned with Butta 

Sully:  Handsome boy with spinal issues, older with Insulnoma also on medications

Ashooka: Friend to Sully & Daise, surrendered after the landlord changed his mind 

Daise: Lovely cinnamon alpha girl, (kisses for people, teethy with other ferrets)

Razzle: Taped in a box and left in a dumpster, deaf and has cardiomyopathy 

Salty: Big handsome boy, Surrendered for no particular reason,  Best buddy to Razzle

Lulu:    Tough cinnamon gal recently diagnosed with lymphoma

Damien:    An older “naked” adrenal boy who also has cataracts

Milo:   Surrendered when his family could not find pet friendly housing, very sad boy

Violet: Dark Silver Mitt, Recent arrival to the shelter after an eviction with nowhere to go

Underdog:      Fluffy Bouncy Sable, came in with Violet after an eviction

Josephina:      Young ferret with DIM disease, underwent chemotherapy and is in remission J

Willow:           Older ferret with food allergies and Insulnoma

Matrix:           Left outside in a cage in the cold  

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